1450 Broadway 2 New York the staff here are the WORST. this place has left a horrid horrid taste in my mouth. Customer service is extremely lacking! i went in there after making an appt- and they basically kicked me out of the store. I asked politely to use their phone to call my work to get the name of my insurance. They told me they didn have a phone. u are treated like dirt. nothing nice about this place. the eyedoctor was the only saving thing this place has. Avoid this place at cheap ray ban sunglasses all cost. Once again, the person who me was extremely rude and on top of that he didn know what he was doing. I have plastic frames that of course need to be heated to be adjusted. Anyone who has had glasses adjusted before knows it is not a one step process. The professional needs to work with you to adjust until it right. The guy who helped me was no professional and had the attitude of a rebellious teenager. He treated me as if he just wanted to get me to leave. And this one is so small and with lesser selection than any of the others anyways. Just avoid this place. please avoid this franchise location (1450 broadway new york, new york) at all cost. i just left the location. i came with a note pad and pen to write down the style names of glasses i liked. i am regretful to say that i received the worst service in all of my life. an older man (between the ages of 38 - 48) huffed and puffed as i asked him to take out 3 pairs of eyeglasses to try on. when i asked him the style name, he refused to give it to me citing, don rayban sunglasses even give out style names like that. he snapped at me telling me that i was too academic. and, then ended our conversation by saying not ready. call us when you ready as he proceeded to turn his back rayban sunglasses on me. that right, ladies and gentleman, i was kicked out of the store. mind you, i was in the store trying on glasses for 4 - 6 minutes. the service was so terrible that i have placed a call to corporate headquarters to file a formal complain with this location. never, ever, go!the review below me and i are posting on the same say. wouldn be surprised if we encountered the same staff.