Brett Chiavari

BC Tacos

While working as Assistant Food and Beverage Manager at a country club in Orlando, Brett Chiavari got his first taste of fish tacos, and compeltely fell in love! That was the first spark that led to the creation of BC Tacos. He started to play around with different recipes, and different things that he would want to eat in tacos, and it just completely snowballed. One day Chiavari woke up, quit his job in Orlando and moved down to Ft. Lauderdale to open up a gourmet taco truck, and BC Tacos was born.

Their philosophy is simple, they would like to invite people to BC Tacos to have something a little different: fresh, unique, gourmet tacos. They have a passion for food and service that shows when you arrive. Great food and great service are what they specialize in. They welcome you into a unique dining atmosphere accompanied with great flavors and something you will definitely be craving later. They use high quality ingredients, sustainable seafood and natural meats, as well as fresh produce. They appreciate their customers and thank them for choosing BC Tacos. They believe, and want you to realize, they are the best at what they do!

With 12 different types of tacos on the menu, BC Tacos has something for everyone, from your standard steak and chicken tacos (which those have a unique twist to them as well) to your more unique, buffalo mahi and fried avocado tacos. The truck may be caveman themed, but they are bringing some of the best modern flavors, South Florida has to offer.

After almost two years of taco slinging on wheels, Chiavari has started to expand the BC brand, and the menu, opening his first brick and mortar, BC Caf, in April 2013. It's the same flavors and fast casual feel that you have come to expect from Chiavari and BC Tacos. The caveman themed restaurant features burgers, sliders, wraps, salads and of course tacos. Breakfast is available during the week, and you can find BC Caf opened for dinner Friday and Saturday night.

While Chiavari has enjoyed the next step, his journey is far from over and he is looking forward to the future with bigger things to come.

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What is your earliest memory involving food or wine?
Earliest memory would be growing up basically in a kitchen. My parents are both trained chefs and had a catering company in New York when I was born so I was always in there helping out the best that I can

If you've participated in the Festival before, what is your favorite SOBEWFF memory to date?
My very first year with Trucks on the Beach. To be a part of the inaugural event, getting to meet Andrew Zimmern, and the overwhelming response we were getting, was such an amazing experience.

If you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?
There are too many to count. I don't think I could pick just one. Roy Choi would be a big one, Harold Dietrele would be another, Rick Bayless I could keep going.

I never leave home without my:
Calendar. I'm old school I have an actual book that is my calendar and if I forget that I go crazy!