Mark Rosati

Shake Shack

Born and raised in Connecticut, Shake Shack Culinary Director, Mark Rosati, grew up enjoying many of the state's legendary roadside seafood and burger "shacks." From an early age, he had a strong interest in food and a yearning to create.
In 1995, it was Mark's creative mindset and restless spirit that drove him to New York City to pursue a Film and Television degree from New York University. Life in the big city was an eye-opener. Instead of hitting the local bars each night, Mark would explore different neighborhoods and sample their varying cuisines. It was during one of these delectable missions that he met Chef Tom Colicchio at Gramercy Taverna fortuitous meeting that truly set his culinary career in motion.
Mark swapped the production studio for the kitchen when in 2003 he accepted an entry-level position at Gramercy Tavern. During his tenure, he worked his way through every station in the kitchen, climbing the ranks and honing his culinary chops along the way.
In 2007, Mark's desire to gain front-of-house experience led him to Shake Shack. He joined the original Madison Square Park location as a Manager, and quickly found that Shake Shack's fine dining heritage and casual atmosphere were the perfect mix for his background and personality. He helped open the Upper West Side Shack in the fall of 2008 as a Managerbut he was always tinkering in the kitchen with new recipes, many of which became menu items and specials over the years.
By the summer of 2010, it was clear that Mark's true calling was menu development, and he was named Shake Shack's Culinary Development Manager. Mark's simple yet sophisticated approach to making refined, delicious comfort food has had a tremendous impact on Shake Shack's menu in both the United States and abroad.
In 2013, Mark was promoted to his current position of Culinary Director, where he continues to push the envelope and redefine what's possible for a fine casual restaurant by creating award-winning dishes. Most recently, his special edition "MeisterShack" was named Best Burger at the 2014 South Beach Wine and Food Festival Burger Bash.
Follow Mark's culinary pursuits on Instagram @mark_rosati.